J.A. Landry is a short story author, creative non-fiction novelist, fiction book writer, freelance writer, and an award-winning poet. He has work appearing or forthcoming in multiple literary outlets around the world. He is a native of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, now living in San Antonio, TX.

Landry’s creative mind and behind-the-scenes experience immerse the reader in adventurous and intriguing tales. Expert fiction and non-fiction bring his characters to life; his exceptional storytelling and talent for character dialog take the reader on an entertaining journey along with his main characters. The years of travel, and his life experiences in the music industry and in the mainstream world of modern technology, and other experiences in his life provide some of the ingredients for his non-fiction work, as well as his fictional novels. Perhaps “Faction” may be fitting when J.A. Landry’s overall style.

James A. Landry recently published his pulp-style fiction novel Fool Star, a survivor’s tale from an insider about sex, drugs and rock and roll on the road. He has another pulp-style fiction titled Eaves Drop. It is also a murder mystery.

The creative fiction, Above Beyond is contemporary, but a good versus bad story that has never been told in this way.

Solitary Refinement is rather futuristic; time frame 2000 to 2036. It involves a hero saving the Earth and her inhabitants.

Finally, Pronator is a feel-good fiction of contemporary fiction. James was born into a baseball family: His Godfather is Jimmy Piersall of the Boston Red Sox! So, a baseball book was inevitable. The upcoming book is James’ first non-fiction. It zeros-in on his working experience in the music world and will be released as On Me | On Music.

James enjoyed a long career as a professional musician: 1966 through 2012. With one rock and roll outfit, he toured the country logging more than 250,000 miles, playing in fourteen states and performing in some two-hundred-forty cities. James and the band landed a No. 1 spot on the Southeastern Billboard Charts, followed by three additional top 10 hits. He has also toured New England and the Maritime Provinces performing with a popular New Hampshire rock band. James continued his musicianship collaborating with area songwriters and working as a session drummer.

At one point in his life, the struggling artist, James made ends meet with a successful career working in the New York City metro area as an Information Technology Consultant. He was also an instructor and counselor at the famed Chubb Institute for Computer Technology. Through it all, James never lost his passion for writing and music.